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Table. 12.

Problems expected from operating the joint seed processing center (KOAT 2023).

Problems Response plans to expected operational problems, etc.
Legal dispute - Seed mixing, seed leakage, reduced germination rate before and after treatment, seed contamination, shortage of stock due to fire, etc.
Seasonal concentration - Processing in the short term after sowing, and supply at the right time for sowing.
- Management during intensive processing period (May-July, November-January)
- Processing service vs. Possibility of loss of sales due to supply delay
Quality - Germination, purity, compliance with international standards, normal endosperm, etc.
Off-season management - Utilizing facilities in the off-season due to fluctuations in harvesting season
- Operational problems due to fixed cost burden when facilities are not utilized
Securing manpower - The person in charge requires expert knowledge in all areas
- Lack of manpower in the seed field, absence of working-level personnel, etc.
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