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Table. 13.

The technology development project proposal that needs to be pursued urgently to develop core technologies for a joint seed processing center (MAFRA 2023).

Classification Local production of materials/ equipment Advancement of seed physiological tech
Project purpose Support for technology development for local production of core materials and equipment required for seed processing Support for development of technology to improve seed quality and storage and useful physiological activity to increase added value
Annual budget 1,875 million won 1,125 million won
Unit budget 500 million won 500 million won
Project period 5 years 5 years
Budget source Government support 100% Government support 100%
Representative achievements Seed processing (priming, pellet coating) materials and processing equipment, etc. Storage technology, bioactive substances, optimal processing conditions, etc.
Core project content (support content) Support for development of seed coating materials for crop protection, nutritional enhancement, germination promotion, etc.
Development of customized processing equipment for each purpose
Technology development support for private seed companies through standardization of seed processing technology and manuals
Support for development of productivity increase technologies such as pretreatment, germination environment control, and proliferation for each major variety
Supports identification of physiological activity by environment, such as storage and pre-processing, and establishment of optimal processing technology
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