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Table. 9.

Direction and key goals of establishing a jointly utilized seed processing center (KOAT 2023).

Contents Basic standard Key goals
Facility composition - Facility construction using the latest technology and equipment
- Environmental requirements (temperature, humidity and lighting)
- Consistent facilities including storage and processing space
- Redundant equipment considering the use of small companies
State-of-the-art facilities
Quality and Security - Implementing strict quality control procedures and standards
- System to manage seed collection sites, varieties, quality, etc.
- Identify factors affecting seed quality and management measures
- Company security (varieties, technology, know-how, information)
Security first
Seed processing technology - Technology to optimize process and improve operational efficiency
- Automated systems to improve efficiency and reduce manpower
- Conducting R&D, introducing innovative processing methods
Continuous improvement
Cooperation network - Cooperation between producers, institutes, and seed companies
- Identify industrial demand and promote service support
- Partnerships with related parties and securing a leading position
Response to on-site demand
Sustainable operation - Adopting an environmentally friendly approach
- Improve energy efficiency, and manage recycling and waste.
- Compliance with sustainability-related certification standards
ESG management
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