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Table. 6.

Effects of SD1, GS3, and OsTB1 allele combinations on the phenotype of yield-related traits.

Allele combinationz n HDy (DAS) CL
SD1-gs3-OsTB1TGTG 22 108ax 90a 21.3ab 9.6b 123b 26.9a 91.4abc 82.9ab 31.2ab
sd1-gs3-OsTB1TGTG 15 108a 79cd 21.1abc 9.7b 117bc 27.0a 88.7cd 82.9ab 29.0bc
SD1-gs3-OsTB1 18 107a 89ab 21.6a 11.0a 112bc 26.9a 90.3bc 83.0a 32.1a
sd1-gs3-OsTB1 7 107a 77de 20.2cd 11.0a 105c 27.1a 86.2d 82.7ab 29.6abc
SD1-GS3-OsTB1TGTG 13 108a 90a 21.7a 9.4b 138a 23.7b 92.5ab 82.5abc 29.6abc
sd1-GS3-OsTB1TGTG 3 107a 83bc 19.5d 10.6a 106c 22.1c 93.4a 82.5abc 25.0d
SD1-GS3-OsTB1 10 107a 88ab 20.9abc 10.7a 123b 23bc 90.9abc 82.4bc 30abc
sd1-GS3-OsTB1 3 106a 72e 20.3bcd 10.9a 124b 22.8bc 88.9cd 82.1c 27.8c

zChamdongin: SD1-gs3-OsTB1TGTG, Younghojinmi: sd1-GS3-OsTB1.

yHD: heading date, DAS: days after seeding, CL: culm length, PL: panicle length, PN: number of panicles per hill, NS: number of spikelets per panicle, TGW: 1,000-grain weight, RRG: ratio of ripened grain, BRR: brown/rough rice ratio.

xMeans with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT).

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