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Table. 2.

QTLs associated with grain-related traits identified in the recombinant inbred line population derived from a cross between ‘Chamdongin’ (P1) and ‘Younghojinmi’ (P2) during the years 2022-2023.

Traitz QTL name Chr.y Position
Interval-flanking markers LODx PVEw (%) Addv Candidate

left right
GL qGL_2022 3 102 chr03_14288844 chr03_16733441 25.9 73.7 0.33 GS3
qGL_2023 3 102 chr03_14288844 chr03_16733441 34.6 77.1 0.33 GS3
RLW qRLW_2022 3 101 chr03_14288844 chr03_16733441 23.3 69.4 0.11 GS3
qRLW_2023 3 102 chr03_14288844 chr03_16733441 21.7 65.2 0.10 GS3

zGL: grain length, GT: grain thickness, RLW: ratio of length to width.

yChromosome number, xLogarithm of the odds score, wPhenotypic variation explained by the QTL.

vAdditive effect, add=(P1-P2)/2, the positive value of the additive effect indicates that the allele from Chamdongjin (P1) contributes to an increase in the trait value.

uGS3: Os03g0407400 (chr03:16729501..16735109).

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