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Fig. 3.

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Relationship among yield-related traits. Correlation analysis in 2022 (A) and 2023 (B). Path analysis of the causal relationship among yield-related traits to explain yield variation in 2022 (C) and 2023 (D). HD: heading date, CL: culm length, PL: panicle length, PN: number of panicles per hill, NS: number of spikelets per panicle, TGW: 1,000-grain weight, RRG: ratio of ripened grain, BRR: brown/rough rice ratio. Single-headed continuous arrows represent linear dependencies (direct effects) calculated as standardized regression coefficients, while double-headed dotted arrows indicate correlation coefficients between each traits. Blue and red arrows indicate positive and negative effects, respectively. The arrow line thickness represents the proportion of the effect. Ns, *, and ** indicate no significant, significant at 5 and 1% probability level, respectively.
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