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Table. 5.

ANOVA analysis with F-values for the effects of SD1, GS3, OsTB1, and their interactions on the phenotypic variation of yield-related traits.

Source of variance dfz HDy CL PL PN NS TGW RRG BRR Yield
SD1 1 0.2ns 87.0** 15.1** 0.4ns 13.2** 2.7ns 21.6** 0.3ns 19.2**
GS3 1 0.0ns 0.1ns 1.9ns 0.0ns 17.0** 187.7** 6.9* 20.3** 15.6**
OsTB1 1 3.8ns 4.2* 2.3ns 55.8** 18.6** 0.3ns 10.2** 0.2ns 2.4ns
SD1*GS3 1 0.6ns 0.0ns 2.9ns 2.2ns 2.4 3.1ns 4.1* 0.1ns 0.8ns
SD1*OsTB1 1 0.6ns 1.2ns 0.9ns 0.3ns 1.7 0.7ns 1.9ns 1.7ns 0.1ns
GS3*OsTB1 1 0.4ns 1.7ns 0.7ns 0.9ns 0.6 0.6ns 0.6ns 1.3ns 0.0ns
SD1*GS3*OsTB1 1 0.3ns 1.9ns 9.3** 1.0ns 7.8** 1.3ns 0.3ns 0.0ns 1.3ns

zdegree of freedom.

yHD: heading date, DAS: days after seeding, CL: culm length, PL: panicle length, PN: number of panicles per hill, NS: number of spikelets per panicle, TGW: 1,000-grain weight, RRG: ratio of ripened grain, BRR: brown/rough rice ratio.

NS, *, and ** mean no significant, significant p<0.05, and p<0.01 by three-way ANOVA, respectively.

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