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Table. 7.

Oil content and fatty acid composition of ‘Yuryeo’.

Variety Crude oil contents (%) Fatty acid composition (%)

Stearicacid Oleicacid Linoleicacid Linolenicacid Eicogenicacid Erucicacid SFAz UFAy
Yuryeo 43.4ns 3.1ns 74.2a 10.5b 6.3ns 1.3ns 0.0ns 7.7ns 92.3ns
Hallayuchae 42.9 3.3 64.4b 19.9a 6.4 1.1 0.0 8.1 91.9

The significant differences based on t-test (p〈0.05) were indicated with different letter.

zSFA: Saturated fatty acid.

yUFA: Unsaturated fatty acid.

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